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    Rules and Regulations

  1. It is a team event.
  2. Number of participants in each team should not exceed five.
  3. Only one team can participate from a college.
  4. Preliminary round will be held on 23-02-2015 .
  5. There will be three questions at the preliminary round.
  6. No consideration will be given after the time limit expires.
  7. Only 5 teams can enter to the final round.
  8. There will be more than 30 levels.
  9. There may be logical questions from all spheres of general knowledge.
  10. Three clues will be provided at 5 minute interval.
  11. Winner will be the one who completes maximum levels within the stipulated time.
  12. Consolation prize will be awarded for the runner-up.
  13. Bringing lap top is recommended.
  14. Some answers may need more clarifications.
  15. Venue: Inside the campus. Time duration: Two days.
  16. Final decision will be taken by the coordinator OR judging committee.
  • Treasure Hunt Co-ordinator : +91 9846169600

    Win Rs: 5,000 + 2,000/-

      CODFUSIO Winners get Free IT Course Worth Rs 15,000/- By IPSR Solutions.

      Rules and Regulations

    1. It is a team event.
    2. More than one team can participate from the same college.
    3. Each team can have a maximum of 2 participants.
    4. No consideration will be given after the time limit expires.
    5. There will be two rounds.
    6. Use of any electronic devices such as mobile phones are not allowed.
    7. PRELIMS

    8. The Online Objective Test consists of Questions from C & C++.
    9. There will be 20 objective questions with a deadline of 20 minutes.
    10. FINAL

    11. There will be only one question.
    12. Develop an application based on the given requirements.
    13. A user-friendly GUI capable of carrying out all the operations with appropriate Graphics, need be created.
    14. You have to design more than one component and integrate them, as per the requirements specified.
    15. The maximum time allotted is 2 hours.
    16. You may use either Windows or Linux.
  • Codfusio Co-ordinator : +91 8943 671857

    Win Rs: 5,000 + 2,000/-

      WEBISMO Winners get Free IT Course Worth Rs 15,000/- By IPSR Solutions.

      Rules and Regulations

    1. It is a team event: Maximum two persons per team.
    2. More than one team can participate from the same college.
    3. Tools: DreamWeaver, Photoshop, and Flash will be provided.
    4. There will be two rounds.
    5. PRELIMS

    6. Objective Test with Logo Design (15 min+20 min).
    7. Questions consist of web programming languages html, CSS, JS ,Photoshop, Flash.
    8. FINAL

    9. Build a Web Site based on a given theme.(2Hr)
    10. Final designs will be taken on the basis of completion of all specifications.
    11. Decision of the co-ordinators will be final.
  • Webismo Co-ordinator : +91 7736856821

    Win Rs: 5,000 + 2,000/-

      Rules and Regulations

    1. It is a team Event: Maximum two persons per team.
    2. There will be two rounds.
    3. Clues will be provided at appropriate times.
    4. More than one team can participate from the same college.
    5. No considerations will be given after the time limit expires.
    6. Winner is the one who satisfies the maximum requirements.
    7. Decision of co-ordinators/Judges will be final.
    8. PRELIMS

    9. Objective type Questions.
    10. Time Duration: 20 minutes.
    11. Subject: Cryptography/Windows Registry/C/C++/Network Security.

      There will be several steps related to topics from the subject mentioned below :

    13. Subject: Cryptography/C/C++/General PC Tricks/PC registry/Virus/Domain Blocking & Unblocking/Stegnography/Application Cracking/SQL Injection/Email Cracking.
    14. Coding: An encrypted message will be given, write a program to decrypt it.
    15. Time Duration: 2 Hours.
    16. Language: C/C++/Java.
  • Trozo Co-ordinator : +91 8714 158060

    Win Rs: 5,000 + 3,000/-

      Rules and Regulations

    1. Team Event: Two participants per team.
    2. More than one team can participate from the same college.
    3. Team members should be from the same college.
    4. There will be two rounds.
    5. PRELIMS

    6. Time limit: 20 minutes.
    7. It covers Technical Questions and General Knowledge.
    8. Five teams will be selected to the final round.
    9. FINALS

    10. Time limit: 2 Hours
    11. Nature: Face-Face with question masters.
    12. Prize: First and Second.
    13. Winners will be selected based on the final score.
    14. Decision of the Quiz master will be final.
  • Techquizo Co-ordinator : +91 9645533660

    Win Rs: 3,500 + 1,500/-

    Theme: Drawing Logic Circuits

    Description: The application should provide facilities to draw logic circuits using basic logic gates such as AND, OR and NOT. The application should satisfy the fundamental properties of logic gates with graphical visibility. The correct output for a given circuit should be displayed correctly with the complete graphical representation of the circuit.

      Rules and Regulations

    1. It is a team event: Maximum two persons per team.
    2. More than one team can participate from the same college.
    3. Subject will be published in the site on February 3.
    4. The participant can start the development after the publishing of the subject on our website.
    5. The participants can use their own laptops and networks.
    6. The participants can use any platform for developing application.
    7. Evaluation is based on their explanation.
    8. Change should be made by the participants as requested by co-ordinators/Judges.
    9. The developed application should be submitted on Event day at 12 pm.
    10. The participants will have to face an evaluation procedure, in which they will have to explain their application (including the source code).
    11. Design of the application will be considered as a part of Evaluation and should be user-friendly.
    12. Decision of the co-ordinator will be final.
    13. Minimum 5 teams should be required for conducting the program otherwise the program will be cancelled, also will be informed in advance.
    14. Registration for application development will be closed by 18/02/2015.
    15. The contestant should report on 23/02/2015 before noon.
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  •    Apcazio Co-ordinator : +91 9048338586

    Win Rs: 10,000/-

      UG First Prize : 4,500/- PG First Prize : 5,500/-

      We are inviting entries from following areas (but not limited to):

    • Green Computing.
    • Cloud, Cluster, Grid and P2P computing.
    • Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery and Information Management.
    • SoftComputing Techniques.
    • Internet and Web Applications.
    • Image Processing and Computer Vision.
    • Cryptography and Security.
    • Speech and Natural Language Processing.
    • Wireless and Sensor Networks.
    • Mobile Computing.
    • Ubiquitous Computing.
    • Software Engineering.

      Rules and Regulations

    1. Any number of papers can be presented in different topics from one college.
    2. The teams should bring slides for their topic.
    3. Selected teams must submit a soft copy and two hard copies to the panel on the date of presentation.
    4. Papers should reflect the conference theme.
    5. Abstract need to be submitted first. On acceptance, the camera ready paper shall be submitted as PDF in IEEE 2 column format.
    6. You may submit / send the paper as e-mail attachment to presenza@mescasa.info
    7. • Please use caption: SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACT /PAPER.
    8. Length of paper: 6 – 10 pages.
    9. Tables and Figures may be incorporated into the text of paper as close to where they are first reffered.
    10. Papers may be written and presented in English.
    11. Avoid using unexplained acronyms, sets of initials, and phrases not understandable to international audience.
    12. Keep to time line to submit your paper.
    13. The decision of the panel will be final.
    14. The duration of presentation is 10 minutes and 5 minutes for Q&A session from audience and judges (5 minutes each).
    15. P.G & U.G categories can have maximum of 4 authors.
    16. U.G and P.G Papers will be evaluated in separate sessions.
    17. Exciting prizes await winner, PG and UG winners are considered separately for cash prizes.

      Important dates

    • Last date for Abstract Submission :12/02/2015
    • Last date for Abstract Acceptance Notification :18/02/2015
    • Last date for Abstract Camera Ready Paper :20/02/2015
    • Date of Presentation :24/02/2015
  • Presenza Co-ordinator : +91 9539989766

    Win Rs: 4,000 + 4,000/-

      Rules and Regulations

    1. It is an individual Event.
    2. Game: FIFA-2014 & NFS (Most wanted).
    3. Competition Method: NFS:4 members at a time.
      FIFA-2014:2 members at a time.
    4. NFS maps will be decided on the spot.
    5. Round Time: FIFA-2014: 4min First Round, 5min second Round and final 8 minutes.
    6. NFS: First Prize Rs.2500, Second Prize: 1500.
      FIFA-2014: First Prize: 2500, Second Prize: 1500.
    7. Decision of the co-ordinators will be final.
  • Conquero Co-ordinator : +91 9645270350

    Won Rs: 3,000/-

      Rules and Regulations

    1. This is an Online Event.
    2. Registration for WEBTESERO will close 15-02-2015 11:59 pm.
    3. Candidate can Participate from any where after 15-02-2015.
    4. Minimum 100 teams should be required for conducting the program otherwise the program will be cancelled.
    5. Maximum two groups are allowed from a college.
    6. A team should consist of two candidates.
    7. The password for login is sent to the e-mail id.
    8. Three stages are conducted which are preliminary,stage 1,stage 2 and Final.
    9. Only 5 teams can enter to the final round.
    10. There may be logical questions from all spheres of general knowledge.
    11. Each question consist of three clues.
    12. Clues will dislay in every five minutes.
    13. The countdown timer calculates the time taken to complete a stage.
    14. Answers are case sensitive,Candidate should aware of spelling mistake.
    15. Judges Decision will be final.
  • WEBTESERO Co-ordinator : +91 8086808982

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      Win Rs: 1,500/-

      Theme : Childhood

    1. The entries should be submitted in JPEG format(less than 20 MB).
    2. Only minor editing is allowed on photographs.
    3. Photograph should retain its EXIF data.
    4. The entries should contain a suitable caption, a short description and technical details.
    5. A contestant can upload a maximum of 2 entries, 1 corresponding to each theme.
    6. Submit entries with college name and the identity of the participant at excellencia@mescasa.info.
    7. The entrant must own the complete rights of the photo, and it should be clicked by the entrant.
    8. There shouldn’t be any watermark or page links on the photo.
    9. As the submitted photos will be posted online and viewed by various members of the community, all photos submitted must be free of any inappropriate language, images, and sexual content and illegal activities. The photos must comply with facebook’s terms of use.
    10. All photos will be reviewed by contest managers prior to being entered into the contestant. If any photo is deemed inappropriate by the contest managers, that photo will be declared in ineligible and will not be considered.
    11. The deadline for receiving entries for the competition is 22 February 2015. No entries will be considered after the given date.
    12. The Facebook likes will be considered for judging.
  • Piccaso Co-ordinator : +91 9809989838

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    1. All participants are required to produce their authorization letter and college ID card at the time of registration.
    2. Rs 150/- will be collected as registration fee. Food & accommodation will be provided only for the registered students.
    3. Once registered, the participant becomes eligible to participate in any number of events/workshops/talks.
    4. The participants are expected to exhibit exemplary behaviour. Any sort of obscene or unacceptable behaviour will lead to immediate disqualification and fine.
    5. The decision of the judges will be final in any event.
    6. The participants should adhere to the schedules. Anybody who fails to report at the scheduled time may miss their opportunity to participate in the event.
    7. The organizers own every right to alter or cancel any event without prior notice, in case of any unfavourable situation.
    8. Any loss/ damage caused to the institution’s property will lead to immediate disqualification and fine.
    9. Lady participants are strictly required to be in the hostel on or before 8.30 PM.
    10. Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, or any kind of narcotic drugs is strictly prohibited.
    11. Misuse of internet or infrastructure is prohibited.
    12. No same team can participate in both WEBISMO (web designing) and TROZO (Hacking).
    13. For every 6 REGISTRATION from the same college ONE registration will be completely FREE.
    14. Quick Heal Antivirus Free for Every Registrations.
  • For any Queries please contact @ +91 9447 858781       support@mescasa.info
  •               EXCELLENCIA is a national level Annual Technical fest organized by Computer Applications Students Association (CASA), Department of Computer Applications, MES College of Engineering, Kuttipuram. The Objective of EXCELLENCIA is to provide an area to unleash the talents and thus spreading the knowledge of Technology to the society at large.

                  Since 2008 when the first event was held, EXCELLENCIA has grown from strength to strength and it is now a highly anticipated event in the Institute's profile and calendar. The event's popularity has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and last year close to 600 students from all over the country and 3000 students from MESCE attended the event, leading to its grand success. EXCELLENCIA is a platform for students to apply the theoretical knowledge they gather in class-rooms and use it practically by making exhibits that can explain principles to lay people. It is a great opportunity for students in two ways, to show their potential and helps them to be up to date with the new developments of technology and its various debates.

                  EXCELLENCIA is two day technical fest which includes seminars, exhibitions and various technical events. The Conference provides a great platform for people to keep abreast of the latest developments in various areas of technology. There are many lectures by eminent speakers and group discussions in which many experts take part. For students and youngsters who visit there are a lot of competitions in which they can take part and win prizes. The power of EXCELLENCIA is seen by the number of eminent personalities who take part each year. And as the events grow in quality and size it becomes a news event and results in tremendous media coverage which adds to its popularity. It is a dream that EXCELLENCIA will be established in the years to come as a national event be fitting to the status of MESCE.

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
           It would give us immense pleasure to have continued ties with you. Hope you are faring well in your job and earning laurels for yourself as well as your parents/guardians and MES Engineering college, Kuttipuram.

           On the Excellencia'15 first day we are organizing an Alumni meet, EXALUMNES of the pass out students of Dept of MCA, MES College of Engineering, Kuttippuram. The meet shall be organized at campus auditorium from 10:00 am onwards followed by cultural programs.

           We are sure that you will certainly mark this day in your calender to walk down the memory lanes and make it available to be with your teachers, menders and not the least your friends and colleagues. We invite you to attend the meet. We also request you to pass on information about the meet to your batch mates and to the departmental friends. We will be awaiting your reply but would expect that you back to us at your earliest possible.

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